Azad chaiwala courses review 2023 [ Become Millionaire] 

Azad chaiwala is a famous name in pakistan. who wants to make your millionaire. But For that, you need to learn some skills. Don’t worry you will learn a lot of highly demanding skills from azad chaiwala institutes. In this article, I will provide you Azad chaiwala courses review. 

Azad chaiwala courses review

That helps you to understand the course overview. Azad Chaiwal institutes provide you with the 9 best high-demanding skills. With these skills, you can earn a lot of money online. Even you can easily build your business. 

As you know 2023 is the digital era if you want to compete and earn money online. Then you need to learn some digital skills that help you to achieve your financial freedom online. 

In pakistan, I meet a lot of people and my colleagues that earn money online. But those are super skill full. 

Like them also in my 6 years of career, I make a lot of money online from freelancing and blogging. I have strong skills in SEO and digital marketing. 

But before, I will provide you a detailed review of the courses. First, I will provide you with some guidelines that help you to pick the right skill and course for you. 

How to pick a skill

Skills play the most important role in your online career. So picking the right skills are hard because a lot of people choose skills on the base of trend. That’s the wrong way, But after this, you are able to select the best skill for you. 

For selecting a skill, you need to fill out three circles. 

How to pick a skill

The first circle is what the market wants Your First step is to find and note down the skills that are in high demand. Because in 2023 if you want to become a content writer. That’s not the smart move for you. 

Because after AI and Chat GPT, content writing is easy for everyone. Because AI tools write unique and attractive articles. So no one needs an article writer for their content. 

But if you learn Skills related to Ai then you will earn a lot of money. Because as you know in 2023 it’s the beginning of AI. And it will go up after some time. 

The secound circle is what you love After Finding High demanding skills. Your next step is to find your area of interest. This is the most important part of selecting skills. Because if you select the wrong skill you can’t survive online. 

Like when I was learning digital marketing. The skill that excites me is seo, for that I become a seo expert, And I have 6 years of experience in seo I work on many blogs and also work with many clients. 

The last circle is what skills you have If you have skills then note down that skill. And find out if you like those skills that are good. But if you don’t have any skills then find your interest and learn some skills related to your interest. 

Azad chaiwala courses review

I hope you understand how to select skills. Now it’s time to provide you with an overview of azad chaiwala courses. So choose the course on the basis of your area of interest. 

Azad chaiwala provides 9 different courses that help you to learn skills. 

Azad chaiwala courses fee structure
NoCourse NameDuration Price See the detail
1Graphic Designing 02 Month59,000Click Here 
2Web Development 04 Month 149,000Click Here 
3Video Editing and Filming 01 Month 39,000Click Here 
4Digital Marketing02 Month89,000Click Here 
5Computer Course01 Month 7,500Click Here 
6Python 03 Month 189,000Click Here 
7App Development 04 Month 249,000Click Here 
8Game Development 04 Month 249,000Click Here 
9WordPress Course02 Month 120,000Click Here 

These are the list of azad chaiwala courses. You can check the details and if you like enroll now. Because learning skills is the first step onward to your future.

Azad chaiwala graphic design course

 Graphic designing is one of the finest and trending skills. If you will become a professional graphic designer. Then I am damn sure you will earn a lot of money by doing freelancing. In pakistan, most freelancers provide graphic designing skills. 

Azad chaiwala graphic design course

The most famous Freelancer in pakistan hisham sarwar is also a graphic designer. He earns a lot of money by graphic designing. So like him, you also become a graphic designer after this course. You will learn a basic to advance in azad chaiwala institutes. 

What you will learn 

  • You will learn basic to advanced graphic design
  • Learn tools like adobe photoshop,  Illustrator, Coral Draw, and many more
  • Branding for business [ Ux, Ui, Layout, Packaging, Digital/ Print designs ] 
  • Social media Graphics 
  • Learn Animated banners with HTML5

These are some key points that I mention here. But trust me you will get more from here. The best part that I like after this course you will have your own portfolio. Because in this course you will work on real-time paid/free projects. 

Also, Azad chaiwala institutes help you to get paid/free internships. That’s good because I see a lot of courses where you only learn skills. That institute can’t provide you internship and portfolio. 

Azad chaiwala web development course

Website is the need for business and 2023 is the era where a lot of businesses start focusing on digital marketing. So for digital marketing website is the most important part for anyone. Like me, I have my own website digitalhamza. 

web development course

Where you will learn about me and my skills. So if you think coding is your love then website development is the skill for you. 

What you will learn 

  • You will learn a lot of programming languages that help you to build a website
  • Free domain and hosting
  • HTML ( Hyper Text Markup Language )
  • Java Script
  • PHP
  • Bootstrap
  • Laravel framework
  • SQL Database management 
  • CRUD Operations with PHP and Laravel framework 

After this course, you will be able to make your own website by using programming. Also after this course, you will be ready to do any internship or freelancing. 

If you will be a website developer then in my term you can earn $1000 easily per month as starting stage. 

Azad chaiwala video editing course

Video Editing is the most exciting and creative skill. With this skill, you will earn a lot of money online. Because as you know there are 37 million YouTubers. Those generate content on their youtube channels. 

Azad chaiwala video editing course

If you will become the best video editor then you will get an easy job. Video editing is the skill that I recommend for everyone who wants to make money online fast. Because in this skill you don’t need to be a technical person. 

Also, the fun part is you also will become a youtuber. Because on youtube the quality of video is the key to success. But if you enroll in this course you also learn how to film and make videos. 

What you will learn 

  • You will learn in advance video editing 
  • How to film using DSLR cameras
  • Equipment [ Tripods, Gimbles, and many more ] use 
  • Audio editing 
  • How to setup lights 
  • Learn the art of cinematography 

These are some key points that I share with you. You will learn these all things in short basic to advanced video editing. 

Azad chaiwala Digital Marketing course

Digital marketing is a highly recommended skill for you. Because iam a digital marketing expert and I know the worth of digital marketing. Digital marketing is simply any type of marketing using the internet. 

Azad chaiwala Digital Marketing course

In business, there are two things finance and marketing. But marketing is the most important part of any business. Without marketing a business is nothing as I already said to you. In 2023 business focus on digital branding. 

So for that digital branding businesses need digital marketing experts. So learn digital marketing and will become part of any business. Even with this skill, you can easily build your own business online easily. 

What you will learn

  • You will learn basic to advance digital marketing
  • Meta advertising 
  • Youtube ads
  • SEM ( Search engine marketing ) 

This digital marketing course is more focused on paid marketing. But I will recommend you after this course you will learn seo and content marketing. Because these are also important skills of digital marketing.

Azad chaiwala Computer Course 

Basic computer skill is the most important for every person. I see a lot of boys and girls that even don’t know how to use a computer. Because of lack of knowledge in 2023 if you don’t have any knowledge of how to use computers.

computer course

Then the first skill that you want to learn is computer basics. You need to learn MS Office and the basic of hardware and software. Especially how to do windows in your system. Don’t worry you are lucky in this course you will learn everything. 

That a person needs to know related to computers. 

What you will learn 

  • MS Office
  • Inpage
  • Typing 
  • How to use the Internet 
  • How to make an email ID
  • Hardware and software 

Azad chaiwala Python Course 

Python is an advanced programming language. If you will become a Python developer. Then you will earn 4 to 5 lac per month at a junior level. Python is the language that is heavily used by most popular companies in the world.

Azad chaiwala Python Course 

Like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. The most shocking thing is for you Python is the language that use to develop AI. 

So if you want to build any AI tool like ChatGPT and Midjourney, Then you need to learn Python. If you think Python is hard don’t worry python is very easy to learn in terms of other languages. 

What you will learn 

  • You will learn basic to advanced Python 
  • Software development 

I highly recommend Python if you have an interest in coding. Because after learning Python you have a lot of fields that you join. Like Data Analyst, Cyber security expert, Ethical Hacker programmer, and many more. 

Azad chaiwala App development Course 

Smartphones will rapidly improve and become smarter. After Android and ios, there are a lot of applications that people use in their daily life. So if you want to make your own apps then you need to learn app development. 

app development course

I see a lot of app developers some are only Android developers some are ios developers. Because of different languages. But in this course, you will learn React Native which you can use to build both Android and IOS apps. 

What you will learn 

  • Learn basics to advance 
  • React Native
  • Become an Android and ios developer

Azad chaiwala game development course

If you have the right idea related to the game. Then you can easily build your own business on one game For example Pubg. Pubg is one of the best and most popular games in the world. Right now pubg generate $5 million per day. 

Game development course

Like pubg, if you have any game idea then you can build your entire business on that game. If your game will become popular then you can earn a lot of money. Making a game is not an easy process. 

But with learning and practice, you will become a game developer. In this course, you will learn basic to advance game development. 

What you will learn 

  • Advance game development 
  • Unity 3D Studio ( 50 % of games develop in Unity)
  • Learn programming language C#

The game developer is not a job its a fun. If you like to play games then this is the job for you. Because playing games is your job. You can easily earn a handsome amount of money from game development. 

Azad chaiwala WordPress Course 

There are two ways to build any website. The first one is coding and the secound one is CMS ( Content Management System). CMS is the software that helps you to develop, manage and create content easily. 

Azad chaiwala WordPress Course 

There are a lot of CMSs available in the market like wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Typo3, and many more. In CMS you don’t need to learn coding you can just make your site by drag and drop. 

My own site digitalhamza is built in wordpress. Also, 43% of websites on the internet are made with wordpress. So in this course, you will learn how to make a website with wordpress. 

What you will learn 

  • What is wordpress
  • How to make the website
  • Free domain and hosting for 1 year
  • How to design a website
  • Themes and plugins
  • Basic of SEO

After this skill, you can easily do freelancing and earn a lot of money. If you start freelancing then you can easily get $100 per website. Also in pakistan mostly wordpress developer charge 20,000 per website. 

Azad chaiwala courses Students reviews

Azad chaiwala courses Students reviews

Where is azad chaiwala institute

Azad Chaiwalal has 3 institutes in different cities. Mirpur, Lahore, Islamabad. 

Azad Chaiwala Lahore Institute
NoLocation Number
1G8JC+RJ5, Lahore – Kasur Rd, Ichhra Lahore, Punjab 540000304 1111361
Azad Chaiwala islamabad Institute
NoLocation Number
1J3QF+CP6, D Block Block D Satellite Town, Rawalpindi, Punjab0304 1111361


Azad chaiwala institutes provide you with 9 courses that help you to start your online career. With the 9 courses, you will earn a lot of money. Because these are highly demanding and high-income skills.

I hope you will understand the importance of skills and you will configure skills for you. Now don’t waste your time and start learning skills from azad chaiwala courses. 

Thanks for reading this article.
Hamza Asghar AKA Digital Hamza

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