Best affiliate programs in Pakistan

Top 25 Best affiliate programs in Pakistan 2023 [ Ultimate Guide ]

Affiliate marketing is not a type of digital marketing. if you learn affiliate marketing properly. Then you make a lot of money from affiliate marketing. Because affiliate marketing is a great business. But for affiliate marketing, you need a platform to start. Don’t worry Here you find a list of the best affiliate programs in Pakistan.

Best affiliate programs in Pakistan

If you have the right knowledge about affiliate marketing. Then making money online is very easy for you. But for that, you need to learn detailed affiliate marketing. Because half knowledge will destroy your career in the beginning.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing. Then you need to understand how to promote products, Which way you need to choose. Like when iam start affiliate marketing. I saw videos on youtube that say the best way to promote the products is PPC.

I spend some money on PPC without proper knowledge. But I lose everything, I didn’t get the result that I want. Then I realize I need to learn everything, With my 3 to 4-month study I find a way which I chose to promote affiliate marketing. That’s blogging and I love to do blogging.

Then I start affiliate niche blogging which gives me great results. So the short point is first to learn which way you need to choose. Because to my experience Affiliate marketing is a simple monetization method.

So for monetization, you need to first build an audience base. It’s up to you which way you choose or which platform you choose. But my recommendation doesn’t to spend money at the starting.

Now iam telling you about affiliate programs. Here you find the best affiliate programs in Pakistan.

How to start affiliate marketing

if you want to learn Affiliate marketing, then you need to take some steps. But before iam starting if you can’t interesting in this information just skip and go on the list of affiliate programs.

But if you were interested then read this carefully. According to Statista in the US, businesses spends $8.2 Billion in affiliate marketing by 2023.

Just think if you have the right knowledge then you make a lot of money from affiliate marketing. for that, you just need to take these steps which iam discuss now. So let’s get started.

Step 1: Decide your Niche

Niche is the most important part of affiliate marketing. Niche is the topic of your site where you have knowledge of or which you like. If you decide the wrong niche then you can’t get quality results. But How do you can choose the right niche?

how to decide niche

When I started my first blog I research a lot and something that I find. Where I have knowledge that’s smartwatch niches. I started a blog in this niche. But when the blog is ready and good to go. Slowly I realize I can’t make for this niche.

So That blog failed, after that blog, I decided to start again a new blog. But for this time I do proper research and make a blog related to tools reviews. Luckily that blog gives me every high-quality result.

First, find all the topics where you have the knowledge and you think you are able to make blogs and content. Then do full detailed research on that if you find that niche is profitable for you. Then make a blog on it or start work on it.

Step 2: Decide your Platform for Traffic

The platform is the 2nd Thing before you start to promote your affiliate product. First, you need to decide a platform that is suitable for you. Like iam doing affiliate marketing with blogging. Because I Like SEO and article writing.

best platform for traffic

Some people can’t like article writing and blogging. Then the paid method is best for you. Like PPC and SEM are the best ways to get fast results. But the paid method is a very costly method. For that, you need to learn first completely about affiliate marketing.

Then start to promote your product through paid. Because if you fail you lose money which you spend on it.

The a quick tip that iam giving you if you want to do affiliate marketing for a long time. Then Try to build a Niche targeted audience. That’s could be a Youtube channel, Social Media page, or Email List. These are the way to build an audience.

If you have an audience then you don’t need too much effort. Because if you want to promote any product then simply Tell Your audience about that product. They buy your recommended Product Because of their trust in you.

So don’t recommend that product that is useless for your audience for just commission. because your audience has trust in you, So don’t spoil their trust and don’t promote fake products.

Step 3: Decide the Best affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the seed of your affiliate marketing. If you sow the best seed then you get a great return. same as that a bad seed gives you bad results. So first decide on your Strength after that choose the best affiliate marketing programs for you.

Best affiliate programs in Pakistan

If you are a newbie then my recommendation starts affiliate marketing with the blogging method. Because with blogging method you learn everything like how seo works, which product you want to promote, how to generate affiliate content.

Then you learn how affiliate marketing works then start promoting high-paying affiliate programs like maxbounty, Click bank, JVzoo, etc. These are high-paying affiliate programs. Hay stop doesn’t leave the article without the right information. Read carefully everything.

Plateform 1: Amazon Associates

Amazon associates are the first program that I am adding to the list of best affiliate programs in Pakistan. Because with the Amazon affiliate you make a lot of money. I know many sites that make money with amazon affiliates. Amazon is easy to promote.

Amazon Associates

That is why I prefer Amazon for beginners. Because when you send someone on amazon through your affiliate link. Then Amazon saves a cookie for 24 hours. In 24 Hours if a person by anything from amazon then you got a commission from Amazon.

Suppose you promote a washing machine and a person clicks on your washing machine affiliate link. After that, he buys a Hairdryer. You got a hairdryer commission But you promote a washing machine. That’s why I like amazon because that provides you an entire cart commission.

The commission of Amazon is about 2 % to 10%. Amazon is an eCommerce site and amazon has a million products. If you signup for amazon associates then after that you promote every product listed on amazon.

If you are interested in gadgets or you have a piece of particular knowledge about any field like tech, fitness, etc. Build an audience and promote products that suit your audience. Like iam interested in smartwatches and smartphones.

Also, I have great knowledge of watches and phones. In 2019 I decided to start my smartwatch blog. Where iam adding the information that iam have related to smartwatches. After that, I monetize that blog with Amazon associates. That gives me a good income.

Platform 2: eBay

eBay is the second one that I am adding to the list of best affiliate programs in Pakistan. eBay is an online e-commerce platform. That was founded in 1995 also eBay is one of the famous Stores. Like Amazon, eBay has its own affiliate programs. Where you promote almost every product That’s listed on eBay.

Ebay best affiliate programs in Pakistan

eBay gives you a commission of ween 1% to 06. Also,eBay has a great well design affiliate page. Where you find all information that an affiliate marketer needs to start.

When you join eBay after that drive traffic and sell your products and make money. For traffic I use two ways the first one is free and the second one is paid. The way that I use is a freeway.

If you want to promote physical products then free traffic is the best option. But for free traffic, you need to learn seo. After that make your niche base blog for a specific category like I have a blog on the smartwatch.

But if you want to get fast results then you need to learn social media marketing or PPC marketing that’s the second option. But if you are a newbie then I cannot recommend you. because you don’t have knowledge.

With knowledge, if you spend money then maybe you lost that money. For that reason iam asking to go for blogging. Because with blogging you learn how content helps you to make affiliate sales.

Platform 3: ClickBank

Click Bank is the next platform that I am adding to the list of best affiliate programs in Pakistan. But before iam starting reviewing Clickbank. The simple thing is the Clickbank ban in Pakistan. But the reason to add this to this list is high income.

Click bank

If you have any relatives out of the country then ask them to make a Clickbank account for you. Or just simply search youtube for how to make a click-back account in Pakistan. Then you find a lot of ways to make an account.

Now let’s discuss ClickBank If you have a digital marketing-related blog. or you want to promote software or online base affiliate products. Like online software, courses, and tools. Then Clickbank is the best for that person.

Most pro affiliate marketers use click bank. Because in Clickbank you find very high commission digital products. Here you find some product that gives you 50 % some give you 60% or 70 %. But why did you choose Clickbank?

If you want to promote physical products and signup for amazon associates. After that, you promote physical products. but the fact is with physical products, you cannot make a high commission. For that reason, most pro affiliate marketers promote digital products. because that gives a high commission.

Now iam giving you the pro tips for click bank. if you want to make money with Clickbank then first you learn how you sell. Because in Clickbank every product that you choose has a lot of competition.

Like I said in Clickbank you find almost every pro affiliate marketer. and If you don’t know how to sell then you cannot survive in Clickbank. My recommendation is first you promote a low-competition product that easily sells. Because that motivates you.

if you want to promote physical products then Amazon is best. But you want to start with a digital product then start with that product that you promote easily. Like hosting, SEO Tools, and courses. Because these are the product that you easily sell.

Platform 4: Maxbounty

Maxbounty is the next platform that I am adding to the list of best affiliate programs in Pakistan. The best part of maxbounty. Here you find most of the affiliate offers. Where if someone only signup then you get your commission. Commission on just signup.

max bounty

The best part is I see many offers where if someone submits their email then you got your commission. The approval of Maxbounty is very difficult. But if you get approval then you are so lucky. After signup successfully, you got your affiliate manager.

He gives you all information about maxbounty. Even that support gives you the knowledge to optimize your campaign. Here you get most of the offers that you promote directly without any additional approval.

Maxbounty and Clickbank are the affiliate programs that every affiliate marketer uses to promote products. Because these are the best affiliate programs. if you work on it. Then after some time, you make Full-time money.

That’s enough for a middle-class family person. Maxbounty interface is very simple and easy to use. On the first page, you see clearly offers. You promote offers which you like.

Plattform 5: CJ ( commission junction )

Cj is the next platform that I am adding to the list of best affiliate programs in Pakistan. CJ is previously known as Commission Junction. That’s rebranded as CJ affiliate. If you are a content writer and see affiliate programs then CJ is another affiliate program.

CJ best affiliate programs in Pakistan

If maxbounty and Clickbank cannot approve of you. Here you find almost every company that provides their affiliate programs. Like Namecheap, Hostgator, Uk2Group, etc. The feature that I like in CJ is the simple interface. Simple Navigation Where you easily choose your products based on category.

CJ is the best for the Marketing related niche. Like me iam running a Digital Marketing blog. Where you get information about digital marketing. But why is iam asking you this? Because in Digital marketing blogs everyone writes about hosting, SEO Tools, Themes, etc.

CJ has a lot of these types of products like tools, hostings, and Online Services affiliate programs. That helps you to get a huge commission. But also Cj has a different variety of affiliate programs that are related to your niche. But on many points, it can be difficult to find products to match certain niches.

Find the best product for you and promote that. When you use CJ then you understand this. If you like then must use it. But if you don’t like then use another which you like.

Plattform 6: JVZoo

JVzoo is the next platform that I am adding to the list of best affiliate programs in Pakistan. Basically in JVzoo, you find CPS affiliate programs that you promote easily and make your commission. JVzoo was founded in 2011. Also, the best part in the duration of 9 years JVzoo get 5000 + merchant, and 800,000 active affiliates.


Also with 18 million products sold that’s a very huge achievement in less time. For that reason iam adding this to my list. You say JVzoo is the better version of Clickbank. Clickbank is the best and old affiliate program in the market.

But I was said in Clickbank you find a lot of competition on every product. So in JVZoo, you find thousands of products with 50% or sometimes 100% commission rates. For Clickbank approval, you need time for approval.

Sometimes Clickbank cannot accept your application. But in JVzoo you get approval in a short time. Also, JVzoo has a Solid support system. Here you get genuinely great products to promote. If you got Clickbank or Maxbounty approval.

That’s really good. Because that’s that’s a leading affiliate program in the market. JVzoo is a great alternative to Clickbank.

Plattform 7: Awin

Awin is the other best affiliate program for beginners. In the beginning, Awin started with the name “Zanox”. After that Zanox rebranded as Awin. Also, the best part Awin merge with the European company name “Affiliate”. That’s the oldest affiliate program in the market.

Awin best affiliate programs in Pakistan

Awin is the best and easy-to-use Affiliate program. Awin is not a typical store like eBay and Amazon. Here you find 13,000 Advertisers. These advertisers provide services and Products mainly from 4 categories that are further divided into different categories.

Provides services and Products mainly from 4 categories that are further divided into Several Niches. The main Niches are Insurance & Finance, Shopping, and Retailing, Travel, and Telecommunication.

As I mentioned here you find 13,000 advertisers. That provides different programs. Some programs give you 50 % and maybe some give you 10 %. It totally depends on your programs. Which you choose to promote.

That also depends on the Revenue model that you choose. Like CPA (Cost Per Action), CPS (Cost Per Sale), and CPL (Cost Per Lead). These are the model of affiliate marketing that all affiliate programs offer.

Plattform 8: ShareASale

Shareasale is the oldest affiliate program that I am adding to the list of best affiliate programs in Pakistan. Shareasale is the oldest affiliate marketing program. But Shareasale is the best for newbies. Because in the market there are many highly paid and best affiliate programs that you join.


ShareASale is also the best affiliate program. After being acquired by Awin probably Shareasale is the best-overlooked affiliate platform. But Shareasale has a simple affiliate program. Sometimes simple will more effective. That applies to Shareasale.

Here you find almost 5,000 affiliate programs. But the fact is here you look at new companies’ affiliate programs. Because Shareasale focuses on profitable but small companies, not on the brand.

My opinion about ShareASale is if you don’t have a Clickbank or big affiliate programs approval. Then you use this because that gives you experience and also the best part. Here you find low competition.

As I mentioned Shareasale focuses on new profitable companies. And pro affiliate marketing cannot promote an untrusted company. That’s an opportunity for you. But before promoting must check that’s a genuine affiliate offer, not a scam.

Plattform 9: Click Funnels

Click funnel is not an affiliate system. Click funnel is online software that’s used to build funnels. Basically, funnels are the steps that you create for your victors. Which they take before going for conversation. In the funnel, you build your trust.

Click funnels best affiliate programs in Pakistan

Also, you show your product to your visitors. In these steps, you build your product recall. after that the final step you ask your visitors to buy your products. For example, if you read my article and you like it. Then you sign up for new content.

When you give me your email then the funnel began. Iam giving you free value with my articles, videos, and webinars through emails. Then finally iam asking you to buy my blogging course. Then the chances are high you buy my course.

Click funnel has its own affiliate programs that are the best affiliate programs in Pakistan. Recently I was telling you about the funnel. I think now you understand the funnel’s importance. Funnel is most important for affiliate marketing.

But you earn a good commission from Clickbank. Click funnel has a 3 subscription plan. That’s $97, 297, $2497 and you earn 40 % of each plan. That’s a good commission. This single affiliate program makes you a millionaire.

If you are a newbie then first learn affiliate marketing. And Then do with great knowledge that’s increase your success chances.

Other Individual Affiliate Programs

I added 9 affiliate marketing platforms where you find products to promote. But now I am adding some individual affiliate programs which you need to join for getting a high commission.

10. Namecheap ( Website Hosting )
11. Hostinger ( Website Hosting )
12. A2Hosting ( Website Hosting )
13. Contabo ( Website Hosting )
14. Bluehost ( Website Hosting )
15. Hostgator ( Website Hosting )
16. GetResponse ( email Marketing tool )
17. canva ( A graphic designing Platform)
18. Envato Market ( A market where you find paid themes, plugins, and tools for websites )
19. Semrush ( A keyword research tool )
20. Tubebuddy ( Youtube SEO tool )
21. Payoneer ( A international money transfer service )
22. Udeamy ( A skills learning platform )
23. Fiverr ( Freelancer platform )
24. Convert kit ( Email marketing tool )
25. ( Hosting and domain provider )

Final thought

These are the best platform that I am adding to this list. Now let’s discuss something about affiliate marketing. Also, I am giving you some tips which help you to work for a long time.

The first tip is if you are a newbie then start affiliate marketing with blogging. Because with blogging you learn a lot of things like how affiliate marketing works, how to write content, and how to promote an affiliate link. For blogging, you need to learn SEO you think.

Yes, you need to learn SEO for blogging. But remember my one thing SEO is very easy. You don’t need to take any stress I publish an article about how to learn SEO in Pakistan. Just check out.

The second tip is don’t try paid method without proper knowledge. Because if you fail you lose your money. The third tip is if you want to earn money from affiliate marketing long time. Then start working on building an audience.

Because this way you don’t need to do any stress when you build your audience. This process needs time but if you give time then it pays you long-term.

I think from this article you get a lot of information. So I hope you follow my tips.

Thanks for reading this article

Hamza Asghar Founder of DigitalHamza

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