13:Best free keyword research tools 2021 ( Ultimate Guide)

best free keyword research tools

A keyword that is the most important factor in SEO. Without the right keyword, you cannot rank your website. Because the right Keyword gives you targeted traffic that buys your products or Services which you wanted to sell. But for this, you need the right tool. If you have money that’s great because in the market there are many paid tools that give you great services. But if you are a newbie and you cannot have money then you need the best free keyword research tools.

That makes your keyword research easy. Something that iam clearing here before starting the article. That’s here if iam talking about a free keyword research tool that means tools that give you function for free. In 21 keyword research tools, some a totally free some are free trials that give you.

First, iam review totally free keyword research tools after that iam add all tools. It’s up to you which tools you prefer here iam giving you the pros and cons of that tool. Which gives you an idea about that keyword research tools. Now it’s time to review some tools that help you I your online journey.

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Google keyword planner

The first tool which iam adding to the list of best free keyword research tools is google keyword planner. That’s a google keyword tool. Basically, that’s an advertiser tool. Google keyword planner cannot make for SEO marketers. If you are a newbie then you use this tool. Because if you see videos on youtube or read any blog on google that most of us use Google keyword Planner.

That’s ok but I can’t recommend this tool. Because that’s only made for advertisers. The reason which iam stopping you to use this tool is google cannot give you the right actual data. When You research this tool that gives you a keyword volume range like 10-100. That’s cannot clear the exact volume of keywords. in terms of google keyword planner.

Which gives you ranges of volume that only help advertisers not SEO marketers. So that’s mean a keyword that has 10-100 volume. that could be 11 volumes or maybe 99. It’s a prediction or you blindly target that keyword. which cannot have an exact volume. It’s up to if you like then use that tool. But in the market, there are many tools which you like.

Google Auto suggestions

The next one in the list of best free keyword research tools is Google Autosuggestion. This is the manual way that gives you a keyword list. Google has a feature that gives you a suggestion. The suggestion is the greatest way to find the Best keyword that helps you. When you search in google anything that gives you suggestions.

That’s ok but that’s best for SEO experts. With autosuggestion, you find the perfect keyword which googles suggests. That increases your chances to get great traffic if you rank on that keyword. If Google suggests you in the same way google suggests everyone who searches on google the same word. but the Disadvantage of this is you cannot find the keyword volume.

Which is a bad thing. But the next tool that iam recommending to you is the best one which solves your problem. With that tool, you find the keyword with google auto-suggestion. Because that tool gives you data about that’s keywords which google gives you suggestions.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the next one in the list of best free keyword research tools. Google search console is not the traditional keyword research tool. Google search consoles give you benefits in the future. When your site gains ranking in google.

Then the google search console gives you the data about Keywords. Where your website ranks. in the google search console, you find some great matrixes. That’s an Impression, Clicks, Position. Now you think about how this will help me.

When Google search console gives you data about keywords. Then It gives you some keywords that got a high impression but low clicks. That is a keyword that you target. You get low clicks for some reason on those keywords.

That’s maybe irrelevancy. For example, if iam writing an article about “Free WordPress theme” and google gives me the impression of “Paid WordPress themes”. When some search on google paid WordPress theme. They see the Free WordPress theme article.

That’s an irrelevancy. Because they get what is useless for them. Now it’s the right time to grab that keyword audience with a new article that covers the “paid WordPress theme” Topic.

Google’s People Also Ask Suggestion

People also ask s the box of questions that other searchers search on google. Which related to your original searches. This is the best feature for every blogger who wants to write on information keywords. Because here you get the list of questions keywords.

Which people search on google. The interesting thing is if you cannot find any idea or topic about your article. Just search your Head term and see people also ask section. Because I surely ask you to find a great topic from that box.

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Keyword Surfer

The next one on the list of best free keyword research tools is Keyword Surfer. That’s an SEO surfers tool. Surfer SEO is the best company that provides SEO tools. But KEyword surfer is not a keyword research tool.

That’s an Extention which you can add in google chrome or in Firefox. after that you get all SERP data on the google search page. In the previous one iam asking you google suggestions is the best way to find a great keyword.

But that’s suggestion cannot give you data about those keywords. But now the problem-solve with Keyword suffers extension. you get all suggestion keyword data on the Google search page. Which is the best But the keyword suffers keyword suggestion is useless that can’t give you valuable suggestions.

That’s the disadvantage of this keyword extension. But the other one Keyword surfer new Extension that comes in the market. Also, the keyword surfer cannot give you the exact volume. if this gives you 20 search volume of any keyword. and maybe other tools give you 50 volumes of that keyword. The other best feature that keyword surfer provides you is the article’s detailed overview.

Keyword surfer shows you the domain estimate traffic, articles word count, how much traffic that article got. These also help you in seo for competitor analysis. All tools which exist in the market have their own algorithm to get the search volume. Most tools used google API’s keys to get the data of that’s all keyword.

The Hoth Keyword Research Tool

The next one on the list of best free keyword research tools is The Hoth Keyword Tool. This is the best free-of-cost tool that recently lunches in the market. I think most people can’t know about this tool. That’s the best google keyword planner alternative.

This is the best free keyword research tool in the market. that’s the best for the newbie. With the help of this keyword research tool, you find highly profitable keywords for your website. But the disadvantage of this tool is some country keyword data.

Yes, the Hoth only gives you the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada data. If you have a website where you target these countries then this tool will help you. But if you target another country then you need to search for another tool. Which provides you with all the country data.

WMS Everywhere

The next one in the list of best free keyword research tools is WMS everywhere. WMS everywhere is another extension that shows you the data about keywords on the SERP page. That’s the best because Keyword surfer has some disadvantages. That’s a keyword suggestion.

Yes, the keyword surfer cannot give you detailed keyword suggestions on the side of the keyword SERP. But the WMS ( Whatsmyserp) gives you a detailed section of keyword suggestions. WMS gives you the related keyword section. As well as people also search for a section.

In each section, you get lots of keywords. Also, you can select the country which you target. In WMS everywhere you target almost all countries. Another thing that I see in WMS is that uses the same API. Which ubersuggust using. Because when I was researching keywords on ubersuggust.

If the ubersuggust show me the keyword 10 volume. also, WMS everywhere shows the same volume of that keyword. That’s a great thing because if you were using ubersuggust. then you also like WMS everywhere.


The next one on the list of best free keyword research tools is Ubersuggust. Now ubersuggust the paid tool. But with the ubersuggust you doing the detailed keyword research. also, ubersuggust has another tool that is really helpful. That’s a backlink checker, domain overview, competitor analysis.

Also, ubersuggust has a Dashboard where you add your website and get all the overview of your website. also you see your website keyword ranking daily. But how this will help you. Ubersuggust give you some free credits daily. By using those credits you do some research.

That could be anything domain overview, competitor analysis, keyword research. But how you can do free keyword research easily without any cost. Ubersuggust has its own extension. By using that extension you do keyword research easily.

Simply install ubersuggust Extention and do free keyword research on the SERP page. Also, the ubersuggust keyword suggestion feature is the best. also by using ubersuggust you find lots of keywords volume. Related to your country. Yes in ubersuggust you target almost all countries.


The next one is the list of best free keyword research tools is AnswerThePublic. AnswerThePublic is the best tool for keyword researching. Here you find almost all types of keywords that are similar to your topic. Especially the information keyword that is most important for every blog.

The best part that iam liking about this tool is that provides very clear data in two ways. The first one is the list and the second one is Graphical. That makes this site attractive. The other thing that I like is here you get all keywords in different tabs.

I mean keyword that start with “how” in a different tab. Similar to every keyword that starts with, Why, which, where, and, like, or, VS, are, can, what, when, etc. Every group you see here is a different group. That’s not enough also you see all alphabetic groups.

But the disadvantage is AnswerThePublic cannot give you any data about keywords. Like volume, Competition, CPC. For These details, you need another tool that gives you detailed data. That could be Ahref, semrush, or a free tool that you like.

Keyword Shitter

The next one in the list of best free keyword research tools is keyword shitter. Keyword shitter is not a keyword research tool. Basically, That is the keyword generator. Where you generator keyword loops and after that, it’s up to you to stop that loop.

If you can’t stop the Keyword shitter that gives you the keywords nonstop. Now iam clearing your question about how keyword shitter generator keywords. That’s a very interesting question. When you enter any keyword and start.

Then Keyword shitter search that keyword in google and get all extract all the suggestions that Google provides. After that, the first suggestion is that keyword shitter gets to search on google and get all the suggestions. And similar its keeps doing the same.

Every tool has a disadvantage. A similar keywordshitter tool also has a disadvantage. That’s also in this tool you cannot get any data. for this, you need another tool that provides you with free keyword data.


The next one on the list of best free keyword research tools is Soovle. If you have multiple accounts on Amazon, YouTube. Also, you need keywords for different search engines. Then Soovle is the best Keyword generator tool.

In the Soovle you find Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, Answers keywords. That’s the best because you find almost all search engine keywords. And you target every search engine. it’s up to you or targets an individual search engine.

In Soovle you cannot get any data about Volume, competition, CPC. Also if you need any keyword data then you need another tool that gives you this data.


I think this is the best tool in terms of long-tail keyword research. Yes in kwyord.io you get the list of long-tail keywords that are most important for newbies. Because if you have a new blog Then Longtail keywords are the best for you.

Because The head keyword or short keyword is more competitive. and a new blog cannot rank on that keyword. Because you have no authority and many pro blogger targets that head Tarm for high traffic. because they have high authority blogs.

Which easily ranks on google in the base of authority. For this reason, you need a long-tail keyword. Because it’s easy to rank on Long tail keywords. Because no one targets long-tail keywords. And if you target then google must rank you.

Because on that keyword you find very low competition. But in the keyword.io you only search keywords. For keyword data, you need to pay money for the pro plan. In the pro plan, you get the keywords data.


The last tool that iam adding to the list of best free keyword research tools is Semrush. The first thing that iam clearing here is Semrush’s totally paid tool. But Why I am adding this. The Reason is Smrush gives you 14 days trial.

That’s best for newbies because semrush is the best tool in the market in terms of keyword research. in 14 days trial, you get the keyword list that you target in your blog. When you prepared your keywords list.

After That Write a great piece of content on those keywords. if you need paid tools that’s make your all seo work easy. Then go and buy semrush. Because in semrush you do everything that you need to rank your blog in the google first position.

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