50 Best topics for blogging in Pakistan [Start your Journey]

Blogging is the best way to make money online. But for that, you need a topic or idea to start your own blog. Most of the newbies don’t know how to start and which topics are best for them. So don’t be confused in this article I will share with you the 50 Best topics for blogging in Pakistan.

best topics for blogging in pakistan

That you can use and start your blogging journey in 2023. But my tip is to choose only those topics where you have information or you like. For the last 3 years, I work on blogging full-time.

So from my experience, I will tell you some tips that also help you to grow your blog fast. So let’s start with the list of best topics for blogging.

List of best topics for blogging in Pakistan 

  1. Pakistani Food & recipes
  2. Tech
  3. Travel Guides for pakistan
  4. Islamic Blog
  5. Pakistani news
  6. Pakistani movies and drama reviews
  7. Farming related blog
  8. Govt work-related blog
  9. Fashion and style
  10. Music news and reviews
  11. Finance tips to help people to invest
  12. Write about Pakistani culture
  13. Pakistani History
  14. Health Blog
  15. Educational Blog for students
  16. Results website
  17. Social and political issues in Pakistan
  18. Sports news and reviews
  19. Beauty tips for girls
  20. Fitness and exercises blog

These are the top 20 topics. Now I will give you a little brief about these topics.

Pakistani Food and Recipes

If you make food and recipe blogs, then you can earn a lot of money. Because in Pakistan you can’t find easily food blogs. Because in Pakistan most blogger makes a tech-related blog and target USA, UK, and Canada.

They are all right because you can’t make a good amount of money if you target Pakistan. But with this niche, you also target High cpc counties. Because Pakistani food is delicious and everyone wants to make it.

So on the internet people are searching for Pakistani food recipes. So make your blog and if possible target Pakistan and write articles in urdu or in your regional language.

Tech Blog

Tech blog is the most popular category and everyone who wants to start blogging tries to make a tech blog. Because most newbies think they have an interest in that niche. But they don’t know about the competition in the tech niche.

If you want to start a tech blog then first you need to do some detailed research. Because with the research you can find loopholes in the tech niche. If you find any loophole then immediately start your own blog on that topic.

The loophole means any topic of tech where you can’t find information properly. In 2023 Chat GPT is the hot topic is the tech niche. So if you make a blog related to chat GPT or AI then your blog will rock and you will earn a good amount of money online.

Travel Guides related to pakistan

If you are a travel lover like mean then a travel blog is the best option for you. But for this, you don’t need to cover the European location. Just write detailed guides about Pakistani places.

Because Pakistan is a country of nature and most tourists want to travel to Pakistan. Just write articles about places to visit in Pakistan. Also the best part you can also drive EU, USA, and Uk traffic.

That means you also earn a good amount of money with that blog. Also, you can travel to that place which you add in your articles to provide more brief and detailed guides.

Islamic Blog

Islamic niche is the best ever niche in Pakistan, So if you start a blog on the Islamic niche. Then your blog easily ranks in this niche because of low competition.

In the Islamic topics, you cover waqiatat related to Hazrat Umar Farooq, Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique, Hazrat Usman Ghani, Mola Ali, and many more related to sahaba.

With my research, you can easily get a high amount of traffic on these topics. Because of low competition, for this niche, you need to have a good amount of Islamic knowledge.

Pakistani News base website

News websites are a good way to generate a good amount of money. But if you have a team of article writers and SEO experts. Then my recommendation is to start, But if you want to start a new site alone.

Then start the regional base of city base news. I am from Gujrat and I don’t know any news sites. That only covers gujrat-related news, City base news sites are the best for alone people. Who wants to start a news website?

Pakistani Movies and Drama reviews

If you want to make a site with low effort and make money. Also, if you need to have fun while writing, Then this niche is the best for you. Because in this niche you will review movies and dramas.

So I know most Pakistani likes to see movies and dramas. If you are on this list then make a site on it. Also, it’s up to you Where you want to rank. If you need high CPC then also you can target USA, UK, Canada, and Europe.

But for that, you need to review Hollywood movies and dramas. So in this niche, there are a lot of possibilities.

Farming Related Tips

If you come from a farming background and you have a lot of information related to farming. Then you can easily make a farming blog, Where you give tips and tricks about crops and animals.

Because with the internet every farmer search of the internet about their problems. So I think if you are the person who has knowledge related to these things. Then start your first blog on this niche.

Govt Related Issue blogs

I personally research this niche with my experience and data. I find this is a very low-competition niche with high search volume traffic. But in this niche you only target Pakistan.

But that’s not mean you can’t make money with this niche. I see some of the keywords have decent CPC. But for niche first, you need to collect information from various govt sectors. Then make articles on them because in Pakistan a lot of people search about these things.

Like FRC ( Family Registration Certificate ). FRC requirement Keyword has 390 search volume. Also, you can rank this keyword with some effort. It would help if you did your own keyword research. Then you will find a lot of keywords that have high search volume and CPC.

Fashion and style

This is the topic that girls need you if you are a girl then my recommendation makes a blog on this niche. Because in Pakistan lot of people especially girls related to hairstyles, Makeups kits, and fashion-related stuff.

You can easily run these types of blogs because you have already information. Which types of makeup are best and which styles are trendy? Like girls, boys also start blogging in this niche.

But for boys, you make content related to boys like the best styles for boys, hairstyles for boys, beard styles for boys, and many more.

Music news and reviews

Like movies, music is also the most trendy thing in Pakistan. That means in this niche you will get a lot of traffic, You have limitless opportunities in this topic.

Because you will cover news, reviews, and the best you will write content about song lyrics. Because there are a lot of people who can’t understand songs.

So they search on google for their lyrics. This is the keyword “295 sidhu moose wala lyrics” with a 400 search volume in Pakistan. Like these keywords, sidhu moose wala has more than 100 songs and people search every song’s lyrics.

So if you make a blog and target these types of keywords, Then you can easily drive 50k traffic per month on your site with less effort.

Finance Tips

Finance is the topic that is the most underrated in Pakistan. Because in Pakistan people don’t know the concept of investment. So if you have great knowledge about finance like how to invest, How to buy things and many more.

Then make your own blog and target Pakistan. Because with my research if you target Pakistan and make a blog on this niche. Then you easily become a Pakistani brand. Also with a website if you make a youtube channel.

When you share your information related to finance then your website and you become Famous. So build your site right now.

Pakistani Culture

The young generation doesn’t know proper pakistani culture. Especially those who live in cities, because city life is more engaging. For that, you make a blog related to pakistani culture.

Because these peoples need to know about pakistani culture. The best part of this niche, you don’t need to do anything if you live in the village. Because everyone learns about their culture.

I belong to a village and my family teaches me everything about pakistani culture. Also, I like to speak the Punjabi language most because of my cultured family. Everyone speaks Punjabi in my family. So like me if you have cultural knowledge make a blog on it.

Pakistani History

The history of Pakistan is very wide and everyone wants to learn about Pakistan. Like culture, you make a website on pakistani history, But make a website where you convert both things easily like culture and history of Pakistan.

History and culture are the same things so you can easily cover both topics in one blog.

Health Blog

Health niche is the most popular niche in the world, You can make your own health blog if you came from a medical background. Then you can easily make and run your blog.

But the health niche is the YMYR ( Your money your risk ) Niche. So if you want to rank your website on google then you need to build topical authority. Also, the most important thing you need to give any strong prof is that you have a strong knowledge of the health niche.

For most of the health blogs that are famous, Add the list of certified doctors in the about us section. They give a strong reason to rank your site, But with a health site, you need to do a lot of hard work.

Education Blog for students

This is the best niche for students because you can easily make blogs and write articles for students. Like “how to score 90%”, How to choose subjects, and many more.

Also on your site, you share PDF notes with the students. If you talk about SEO then this type of site easily ranks if you target Pakistan. Also with these niches, you can target international traffic.

For international traffic, the best topics are scholarships and admissions. Like “Best universities in Spain” so education niche has a lot of potentials. So make a blog and work on it.

Results website

Results websites are sessional websites but when the results are out you get a million of traffic and generate a lot of dollars for you. But for the results website first, you need to build your authority.

In Pakistan, you can easily rank your website on these types of keywords like “FSC results”, and “12th class results”. These are types of keywords you can easily rank with simple efforts.

But this website you need to make another website that helps you to earn money regularly.

Social & Political issues and news

Social & Political issue is the topic that everyone needs to know. So on these types of websites, you can cover social and political news and issues. The best part of these topics you can get a lot of traffic easily from Google discovery, and google news.

Sports and news

Sports are the topic that helps you to generate a lot of dollars, But for that, you need an excellent knowledge of sports. Recently PSL ended so with my research the top website pro Pakistani drove almost 2.0M traffic with the PSL  keyword.

Just imagine how much money that website generates with this single keyword.

Beauty Tips blog

If you are a girl then you already have beauty tips and a lot of knowledge. So just pick a name then start a blog of this niche, But before making a blog just do your full research on this niche.

Because I don’t have any idea about this niche, Just analyze this niche, and if you find this is the profitable niche for you, Then make a blog on this niche and start your blogging journey.

Fitness and Gym 

If you are a boy then you can easily understand the craze of fitness and the gym. Because every boy needs to build a body, a lot of fitness influencer who provide fitness-related information is not beneficial. 

Also, fitness is the biggest industry so there are a lot of myths and misleading information a lot of creators provide you. So make a blog about this niche and provide everyone the real knowledge and information about fitness and gym. 

These are the 20 niches that I recommend to start your blog. Because most of the topics have low competition and you can easily rank on these topics. Now I will tell you how you can choose the niche for you. 

Which type of metrics do you need to research for your niche before selecting a niche? 

How to select Niche for a blog

There are a lot of things that you need to consider before selecting your own niche. 

how to select your niche

Estimated Traffic: The first thing is estimated traffic, Yes, First you need to analyze your target niche and know how much traffic your site gains when your sites are ranked. You can easily check this by Semrush or Ahref. 

Monetization method: The next thing is to find the monetization method for your niche. Like if you choose the laptop niche, Then you have multiple options to earn from this niche. Like Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. 

Competition: Competition is the most considerable part while selecting a niche, Becasue if you target a high-competition niche. Then your website needs a lot of work for ranking. lot of newbies target the USA, UK, and Europe for high CPC. These country has a lot of competition you can’t rank your website in these countries easily. Try to target other countries where you can rank your website easily like Peru, Argentina, UAE, and many more. 

Keywords rich: the last thing is keywords, Choose a niche where you can target multiple keywords easily, Becasue if you target a niche where you don’t have multiple keywords. Then you can easily bored by writing the same thing again and again. 

These are the 4 main things that I recommend you to check, I also check these things before selecting my own niche. 

Other 30 Best topics for blogging in pakistan

20 niches that I already added for you but these are some extra niches that you can also select and make a blog. 

  1. Status website
  2. Quotes blog
  3. Poetry 
  4. Apk Sites
  5. Movies downloading sites
  6. crack software blog
  7. Song lyrics sites
  8. Another language site
  9. Wishes website 
  10. Single Keyword site
  11. Gaming and esports blog
  12. Videography or photography tips
  13. Personal Development 
  14. Crafting and DIY
  15. Home decor tips 
  16. Entrepreneur and business tips 
  17. Motivational blogs
  18. Gardening 
  19. Landscaping 
  20. Art and design
  21. Teach languages 
  22. Automobile 
  23. Interior and exterior design 
  24. Event planning tips
  25. Property management and real estate 
  26. Online courses and learning 
  27. Pets and animal-related tips
  28. Parenting 
  29. Law
  30. E-commerce and dropshipping tips 

These 30 niches are extra for you. So also try these niches and do your own research before selecting any niche. 

Final Thought 

If you want to rank your website on these niches, Then I will recommend you find keywords that have low competition and low double Colume. Because these types of keywords can rank your blog on google. 

Also from my experience, I recommend you try to make your own content manually But if you want to use AI then must edit that content and add a human touch to the articles. The last tip is to choose the topic that you love because you can easily write content on that niche. 

I hope you have these 50 Best topics for blogging in Pakistan, If you like and want to learn keyword research then on youtube search digitalhamza you will find me to learn the best keyword research techniques free of cost. 

Thanks for reading this Article
Hamza Asghar AKA DigitalHamza

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