How to earn from blogging in Pakistan

How to earn from blogging in Pakistan 2022 [ Legit Ways ]

Blogging is the best way to make money online. But what are the ways to earn from blogging? For that right now I am giving information about How to earn from blogging in Pakistan. If you are on a stage where you have a well-published and traffic-rich blog.

How to earn from blogging in Pakistan

Then skip some information that I am adding for newbies. who cannot know what the steps need to start a blogging career?

So first I think we need to discuss the steps that you need to take. For blogging, you need at least a blog. Because Blogging is the process to make managing content on your site. So if you want to make money from blogging, Then you need to start a blog.

In this article, I can’t bore you by giving irrelevant information. But this information is important for a newbie. If you need to give an in-depth article about how to start a blog to become a blogger.

I already published a well-written article on my site. Just go and check it out, But after this article. First, learn if you have a well-established blog. Which ways do you need to take to start earning?

So first I think we need to discuss steps, Which is good after that we discuss in-depth about ways to make money from blogging.

Topic 01: How to start a blog

A blog is your online diary where you publish your experience or likes or information you have. But I give you some tips to make a successful blog. The first one is don’t make a blog on that niche in which you don’t have information.

Becasue in the starting if you make a blog on that niche where you can’t have knowledge. Then I definitely have the survival chances of your blog at 10%. Because for that niche first, you need to get information. Then after that, you publish your content.

This type of content cannot give you a kick because that article that you write is simply a type of copy-paste. Because you read information from other blogs and write that on your own blog in your words. But if you make a blog on that niche where you have information.

Then you make content on your real experiences. which is the quality content that actually helps your reader. The second tip is don’t ever try bad techniques to get traffic on your site. For example PBN backlinks, keyword stuffing, and cloaking.

These are all techniques a black hat SEO experts use. These techniques rank your website fast but when google finds your site. Then your site penalizes by google.

The third tip is to make quality content. Quality content means content that helps your readers. Don’t use AI and article rewrite tools. Just make your own article by manual writing.

These are some tips if you follow these you become a successful blogger. Now let’s discuss the steps to start a blog before we discuss How to earn from blogging in Pakistan.


1. Decide your Niche: A niche is everything for you. like I already said make a blog on that niche where you have information. But that’s not a mean you don’t work in other niches. If you have a team then make a blog on any niche. A well-information niche considers for a one-man army person.

2. Decide your Blog name: A name of your blog is a brand for you. If you have the vision to become a long-term blogger. Then choose a name that is easy to remember and brandable. Because on a brandable domain you easily expand your business online. Like in the future make a company with that name like Neil Patel, Ahref, Moz, Hubspot, and Techcrunch.

3. Choose a Blogging Platform: There are a lot of platforms in the market. Which helps you to make your blog. Like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Wix, But 455 million websites use WordPress. Because WordPress is easy to manage and has a lot of features provided to you.

4. Buy Domain and Hosting: A domain is the name of your site with extensions like and the hosting is the online server. Where you host your website files to make your site live 24/7. I use hostinger which is the best hosting provider if you want to buy hostinger.

5. Setup and customize: The next step is set up after buying a domain and hosting. That’s also very easy you just need to install WordPress on that domain that you buy. When your WordPress is ready just install a blog theme and customize it.

6. Start making Blogposts: Now it’s time to make your blog posts. But for that first, you need to do research about your topics. Then find useful keywords for that content and just write your post of that keyword. My tip is to start making content on low search volume keywords.

7. Promote your Posts: Content is not enough after making posts. The next step is to promote that post there are a lot of ways. The best ways are social media and collaboration.

8. Monetize your blog: The last step is to monetize your blog. There are a lot of ways to make money from blogs but here I will only provide you with the best ways to make money from blogging.

There are 8 steps if you do everything correctly then you are at that stage where you make money. Now let’s discuss the main topic which is How to earn from blogging in Pakistan. 

Topic 2: How to earn from blogging in Pakistan

Bloggers make millions of dollars from their own blogs. If you have an audience base then there are a lot of ways. which you can use to make money from blogs. But here you find the best and easy way which everyone uses.

1) Ads

The first way you can use is ads through an ads network. There is a lot of ads network in the market. But most bloggers use google adsence. Because as you know google is the best platform, and Adsence is also the best ad network where you start your initial earnings.

But you cannot start ads when you want. For ads, you need to apply for approval. For adsence, if you apply at the start of your blog. Then you cannot get Adsence approval. When your site gets some traffic and you post some articles.

Then apply for google adsence, But if adsence can’t give you approval then wait for 3 months and then apply. I’m damn sure you get adsence approved. Because I practice applying these all techniques to get adsence approval.

In google adsence, you make a lot of money. But that depends on your topic and the country which you target. If you target the USA, UK, and Canada then you make a good amount of money. But if you target Asian countries like Pakistan and India. Then you make money but in terms of the UK, and the USA that’s very low.

The second thing is CPC, In USA and UK, you get a high CPC. That could be $1 but in Asian countries that CPC is $0.1. That’s very low so now it’s up to you which country you need to target to make money online.

2) Affiliate Marketing

The second way you use is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a process to promote someone’s services for a commission. But affiliate marketing is not a monetization method. Affiliate marketing is a very big industry.

If you work properly in affiliate marketing. Then you make a lot of money from affiliate marketing. But how do you start? There are a lot of platforms that provide you with services that you promote. Like Clickbank, Maxbounty, JVzoo, Amazon Associates, and Cj. You just need to join these platforms.

When you get signup on these platforms. After that, you just need to promote those products where you get approval.

But here I will provide you with a tip that’s don’t promote a product that is not good for your audience only for commissions. I don’t ask you don’t promote high-commission products. Promote products but those products that provide benefit to your audience.

3) Promote Services and Products

The next way you can use to make money from blogs is to promote services and products. Like I am a digital marketer and let’s suppose I make a course on SEO. If I put my course on my site and do proper SEO of that course.

I get a lot of students from search engines if my page rank on google. Where I publish courses like me you can also sell courses and services through your Blog.

These are the best way you can use to make money from a blog. Also other lots of ways which you can use to make money.

Final Thought

Now let’s talk about something which helps you to increase your earnings from the blog. The first one try to target USA, Uk, and Canada country to get a high CPC. Becasue it’s not mean you cannot make a blog on the Asian country.

The second tip is to promote products related to your niche. Because your audience buys those products because your audience relates to that product. The third tip is to try to promote Saas ( Software as a Services ) because these products give you a lot of commission.

Now it’s time to wrap up this article I hope now you understand How to earn from blogging in Pakistan.

Thanks for reading this article,

Hamza Asghar Founder of Digital Hamza

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