How to earn money using chat gpt in 2023 [Legal Methods]

Chat gpt is the new revelation in the AI industry. That makes most of your work easy but a lot of people want to make money from chat GPT. So in this article, I will share a detailed guide about How to earn money using chat gpt.

How to earn money using chat gpt

In that way, I cover the most possible methods that you can use to make money online. You know chat gpt is the chatbot that has the past 20 years of data. Right now chat gpt has some limitations.

On chat gpt, you can perform mainly writing-related tasks. So the methods that I cover in this article I directly related to writing. But also I will give you some possible ways. That you can use it to earn from chat GPT If you hate writing.

List of methods to earn money from ChatGPT

  1. Creating Codes
  2. Write content for blogs
  3. Social media captions
  4. Sales Copy
  5. Email copy
  6. Make assignments
  7. Youtube video scripts
  8. Make for Books or Ebooks

These are the methods that you can use to make money from chat GPT. Now I will give you details about these methods. Also, I will provide you with some ways to monetize these methods.

Creative Codes

The coding industry is the best industry to make a lot of money. Like chat gpt that you can use right now is also made by some coder. If you have an interest in coding and you don’t have time to learn it.

Like me, I have an interest in coding but I don’t have time to learn. So ChatGPT solves this for you and for me. But how? you can use chat gpt to generate codes like I generate a simple landing page with chat gpt.

Like me, you can make websites code and most important make Tools sites codes and APIs. That helps to make money with codes.

But with Chat GPT you can’t generate Full website code. But If you already have great knowledge of coding. Then Chat GPT makes your work super duper easy. Because chat GPT helps you to generate codes.

Then you combine that code and make your ideas into reality with this. But with chat GPT you can’t generate complex codes. With the help of chat GPT, you only generate Easy types of codes.

Maybe in the future chat, GPT helps to make your entire site with any type of code, So wait for that.

Write Content For your Blog

Blogging is the best way to make money online. In blogging, writing is the thing that most people hate to do. If you come in that category don’t worry this tool helps you to generate your entire article.

But here is a thing most experts say google doesn’t like AI-generated content. On other hand, most experts use AI to make their content for Their blogs.

I personally don’t like to use AI content because if I want to make an article. Then I make an entire detailed article with my research. Also, I like to write my own article because article writing is the thing that excites me.

If you have a  blog then my suggestion is to write your content on your own or hire a content writer. But if you want to use chat GPT then you have to use chat GPT to generate an article. But edit that article and add a human touch to that article.

Like, add your experience tips and research. That makes your article very good and best.

Social Media Captions

Social media captions are the thing. That you can do with Chat GPT most people have social media pages. Especially businesses need someone who works for them to generate attractive social media captions and generate social media post ideas.

That helps them to grow their business. Because Every business wants a grow online and expand its business. But most businesses don’t have the right people for social media pages.

Work for them to make their social media activite and they pay you. Also, work with any Freelancer or any social media agency.

Sales copy

Sales copy is the most powerful way to earn money online and chat GPT helps you to make sales copy. Sales copy is the type of text that courage people to buy any type of service or any type of product.

But if you want to earn a lot of money from sales copy then try to enhance your skills and learn detailed copywriting. Because copywriting is the thing that helps businesses to get sales.

You see most of the landing pages where you see some text. And you got attractive and buy that service or product. But with chat GPT you start working with sales copy. But here I will give you a tip don’t relay 100 % of chat GPT.

When you write sales copy with chat GPT then after that try to edit on your own. That makes your sale copy more attractive and the best.

Email copy 

Like sales copy, email copy is also the same thing. But here you need to generate an email format.

For that most businesses pay you to create some effective email copies for that. Because email marketing is the most powerful way to do marketing.

Make Assignments

If you are a student that this will help you in your assignments. Also, you can earn money from Chat GPT. I think you understand what you need to do. Yes exactly, write assignments for your friends or classmates for money.

Because in my area I do this way to make money from assignments. There are a lot of students in your students. Help them but be aware of your professors. I am just kidding i know you find a way to manage your professor.

But don’t worry if you can’t do this in your college I will give you an idea. Just go on fiverr and make some gig related to assignments. Fiverr will help you to make money with chat GPT. In fact, on fiverr, you will provide each service that I am telling you about here.

Youtube video Script

Right now in 2023, everyone wants to start a youtube channel. Making a youtube channel is easy and free. But building a channel from 0 is very hard. Because making videos is not easy. For videos, you need a proper script.

For proper scripts, you need to master the art of storytelling. But don’t worry chat GPT helps you to generate attractive youtube scripts.

But if you have storytelling skills then you can enhance your skill in youtube script. Because I already said don’t relay on chat GPT. In my term get the outline from chat GPT and then try to build the script on my own.

With this skill you have two options start your own youtube channel and make amazing videos. Or start working on fiverr to provide these services to others.

Make Books or Ebooks

If you want to make your own books or ebooks. But you hate to write or you don’t have an idea to write a book. Chat GPT helps you to generate some ideas and also with the help of chat GPT you can write your own books.

Like me, I ask chat GPT to tell me some ideas related to books. Chat GPT gives me a lot of ideas. The idea that I like is to chat GPT tells me to write a book around

A story of a man. Who came back in past to change their future.

Just imagine the thinking of chatGPT. If you use chatGPT properly then you can do anything. But for doing anything you need to first understand everything. Like how chatGPT works.

These are the best way to make money with Chat GPT.

How to make money by using these Methods

There are a lot of ways but in my experience, there are only two ways that you can use to earn from these methods.

  1. Blogging
  2. Freelancing

Yes, The first method is blogging create your own blog related to any niche. With chatGPT, you can easily run your blog. Just learn some basics related to SEO and Web designing. Then you can easily start your blog.

Blogging is a way to provide any type of information in written form. But in blogging, you can’t earn immediately money. Because blogs need time to rank and earn money. If you want to earn fast money.

Then freelancing is the second way in freelancing you need to give these services to others for money. There are a lot of platforms that help you to earn money.

Freelancing platforms:

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. Guru
  4. Upwork
  5. Peopleperhour
  6. Legiit

These are two ways that are the best ways to utilize chat GPT to make money online.


I think now it’s time to wrap up this article. I hope now your question about How to earn money using chat gpt is cleared. But here I am giving you tips to use this way to start your career. But with these methods to can’t earn a lot of money.

If you want to make money long time with these methods. Learn your own skill. Like if you choose youtube video scriptwriting. Then with chat gpt focus on your skills like communication, Storytelling, and many more.

Because these skills will help you to generate the best script for your youtube video. Chat GPT only helps you to earn your side income without any skills.

Thanks for reading this article.
Hamza Asghar AKA Digital Hamza

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