How to learn SEO in Pakistan

How to learn SEO in Pakistan 2023 [Step by Step Guide]

Seo is the best way to make money online. Because with the help of SEO you will increase your business. Because with the help of SEO you can rank your website, and you get organic traffic from search engines. So Here you find how to learn SEO in Pakistan.

How to learn SEO in Pakistan

Learning SEO is not an easy process, Because if you are a newbie and can’t know what is SEO. Then you cannot easily understand SEO. SEO has a lot of topics that you need to understand. Like

  1. What is SEO
  2. Types of SEO
  3. What is keyword research
  4. Difference between onpage and page seo
  5. What is fixing Website Designing
  6. How to optimize the website

After learning these topics you are able to do SEO as a beginner. But these are not simple topics, In every topic, there are a lot of subcategories. Which you need to master.

After this article, you will learn at least something about SEO, and also you understand how to learn SEO in Pakistan. The best part is I will provide you list of the best seo courses which you need to join to learn SEO.

Now get ready to dive into the SEO industry.

Topic 1:What is SEO

What is seo

SEO ( Search engine optimization) is the process to optimize your website for search engine ranking. In the market, There are a lot of search engines like google, Bing, Yahoo, and duckduckgo. But everyone uses google because google is the best search engine.

For that reason, every seo expert tries to optimize the website for google ranking.

But that optimization is not easy. According to experts, There are 200 SEO factors for google ranking. If you perform that factor effectively.

Then chances are higher your website ranks on google with time.

Topic 2: Types of SEO

Seo has 3 types that are are onpage seo, off-page seo, and technical seo. You need to master these types that’s easy just you need to learn the differences.

Types of seo

Everything that you optimize on your website is called onpage seo. in off page seo, you can do other activities which you cannot perform on your site. In off-page backlinks is the most important thing. A backlink helps your site to increase authority.

But how does a backlink help? If someone adds your site link on their own site that’s called a backlink. But a backlink only helps if you get it from your niche relevant site.

The last type of technical Seo is Where you optimize your website databases, Site speed, optimize the site, submit the site to the search engines, and Make XML site maps.

Onpage and technical seo is easy because of WordPress. most the sites use WordPress and in WordPress you just need to learn some plugins. This helps you in seo like Yoast SEO, Rank math, Allinoneseo, wp total cache, and google site kits.

But that’s not me you just learn these plugins and you are an expert in onpage and technical seo. Also, learn how onpage seo work like what is the work that plugins do. Also, learn how to do seo manually.

On the off-page, you need to learn how to make quality backlinks, and how to get social signals. But off-page SEO is not easy.

From my experience, if you are doing proper keyword research and making quality articles. Then you don’t need too many backlinks. Like I rank the website with 3 DA on the first page.

When you master SEO then you understand what is DA and 3 da is very low.

Topic 3: What is keyword research?

Before we discuss what is keyword research let’s work on what is keywords and the types of keywords.

what is keyword research

A group of words that you search on google to get information is called keywords. Keywords have two types the first one short tail and the second one long tail.

A short tail keyword has one or two words. Like shoes, best shoes. SEO and SEO tool. If you are a beginner then I can not prefer your short tail keywords. Because it’s very hard to rank. on the other hand, long tail keywords are those which have 3 to 5 words.

These types of keywords are easily rankable and also show their intent. Like how to learn SEO in Pakistan, what is seo, Best seo tools for newbies?

Now I think you understand what is keyword research. A process to find keywords is called keyword research. In the market, you find a lot of tools that help you in keyword research like Ahref, Semrush, and ubersuggust.

Topic 4: How to learn SEO in Pakistan

There are a lot of well-established institutes if you have money to spend. Then just go to these institutes before you find any institute.

How to learn SEO in Pakistan

I will give you some information that help you to choose the best way to learn SEO in Pakistan.

The first method is the free method if you cannot have money to spend. Then go on youtube and start learning SEO. The second method is to pay just to buy a course online or offline. But before you buy any course first check that mentor’s background. If you find that mentor has experience in the SEO field.

And also your mentor has their own sites where he works. Then buys the course from them. Otherwise don’t waste your money. In Pakistan, you find a lot of fake SEO gurus. Who only want to sell SEO courses. So keep your distance from those gurus.

Topic 5: Best SEO courses in Pakistan

I only provide you with a list of institutes where you can do SEO courses.

  1. idmPakistan
  2. Digiskills

These are some platforms where you learn SEO courses in the urdu language. But if you understand English Then I provide you with a free course list where you learn SEO easily.

  1. Google Garage
  2. Semrush SEO Courses
  3. Moz Seo Course
  4. Hubspot SEO Courses
  5. Neil Patel SEO Course

Now I am telling you how you can get free courses from udemy. When you open udemy search a course which you want like seo. Then on the left sidebar, you find a price section. In that section, you find two options paid and free. Click on the free one then boom you find almost 3000 free SEO courses.

Topic 6: Scope of SEO in Pakistan

I know you think what is the SEO scope in Pakistan. Yes, you are absolutely right first you need to understand what is the SEO scope. So I started my journey in 2015 and I have almost 6 years of experience in SEO and Blogging.

Scope of seo in Pakistan

I just see SEO changed but SEO cannot destroy and don’t worry the scope of SEO is very high. SEO cannot destroy. Because if SEO is to end then will have to end and google is not a small platform. Google is a trillion-dollar company. So just relax because search engines can’t end.

Yes, I see SEO change every year but SEO can’t completely end. So sit back easily and start learning SEO. Because now you are the next SEO expert in Pakistan.

Final Thoughts

Now it’s time to wrap up the article about how to learn SEO in Pakistan. But I need to give you some tips the first one SEO is easy but not easy to learn. Don’t take SEO easy it’s a technical thing. If you have critical thinking Then enter this field.

Because after some time you better understand this why you seo need a critical thing. The second tip is don’t ever try any shortcuts in seo. Because Shortcuts destroy your sites.

The third tip doesn’t to follow bad techniques or don’t try to cheat google. Because every year google rolls out core updates. and in every update lot of sites google penalized. Because they try to cheat google.

The last tip you need to give time to seo. Because seo takes time, But your patience gives you a lot of high-value results.

These are some tips which you need to follow if you think this article helps you.

Thanks for reading this article

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