How to start a Blog in Pakistan

How to start a Blog in Pakistan 2023 [Steps for Success]

Blogging is the best way to make money online in Pakistan. For that, You need to take some steps to start a blog. I write this blog post about how to start a blog in Pakistan. That helps you to take your steps and start your first blog.

How to start a blog in pakistan

Because myself as a blogger. I know how to start a blog and which types of techniques you need to follow. Because I have 5 years of experience in Blogging.

I have done a lot of work on many own blogs. Some of my blogs give me a good amount of money. Some blogs beings disasters for me.

So in this blog, you learn some steps to make a blog. Also, some tips which make your blog money steam for you, not a disaster.

Now let’s dive into this topic.

What is a blog

A blog is a web page where you publish your content on daily bases. it’s just a type of online book where you find information about a certain topic.

What is a blog

On the internet, you find everything every information Which you want. Now, most of you think about the future of blogging. Because most people ask you the future of blogging is going to end.

By this fear, some people cannot learn about blogging. But with my experience and research blogging cannot end.

Because blogging is the best way to get information. Yes, I know video and audio everyone likes to see and listen to. But on the other hand, lots of people only love to read blogs.

Why do you need to start a blog in Pakistan in 2023?

There are a lot of benefits that you get from a blog. The main benefit is a potential audience base. Now, in 2022 if you have an audience then you make millions of dollars online. After covid, the online industry completely changed. So everyone tries to make money online.

So that’s why I said blogging is the best way to make money online.  But now you ask me how there are a lot of ways which you can choose.

If you want to help someone then start blogging. Because with this method you help a lot of people. The second option starts a youtube channel.

But I can’t recommend it because a lot of people are camera shy. If you are a camera-shy person then start blogging. Also by the helping of blogging, You publish your research and ideas to everyone.

How to start a Blog in Pakistan

Starting a blog is an easy step but not for newbies. If you are a newbie then you need a guide where you learn to start a blog in Pakistan. Simply there are some steps which you need to follow. So follow these steps to start a blog easily.

Step 1: Find a Niche for your blog

A niche is a topic of your blog that you like or where you have knowledge. If you are a newbie so don’t try to make a blog in that niche where you can’t have knowledge. Like in 2022 everyone wants to make a blog on an amazon affiliate.

But when they start a lot of loss of people cannot work properly. Because they cannot know about that niche. Only they read multiple blogs and after that, they write content. This research needs to take a lot of time.

For that lot of newbies cannot work and are left blogging. For that reason only make a blog on that niche where you have knowledge.

Now you ask me how to get a niche and how I find this niche profitable. Grab paper and pen then write every topic and your hobbies on that paper. Then do research on it like you have a good amount of knowledge about social media.

Start research about social media topics and if you find this topic has traffic potential. Also by this topic, you earn a lot of money. Then start work on it.

Step 2: Decide your Blog name

After deciding on your niche decide on an attractive name for your blog. But what type of name do you need to choose? Because there are three types of domain names in the market. Don’t worry I am here to tell you which domain is beneficial for you.

How to decide Blog name

The first one is a Brandable domain like digitalhamza,, and In these types of domains, you choose a random word for your blog. That could be your name or any other word. But what is the benefit of choosing the brandable domain?

The most important benefit is easy to scaleable. Also, google like brandable domains because of trust. Brandable domains need time to rank. In this process google better understand your blog and learn your blog topic.

Like my blog, is not a blog you find everything related to this name. A social media page, a youtube channel. This provides to google this site has some social signals. Which helps you to increase your trust in Google.

The second type of domain is the Partial match domain. in these domains, you add your niche to your domain in other words. These types of domains reflect your niche. Some domain is a combination of brand and a partial domina. Because of some domains like

This domain is exactly defined on this site you learn how to earn money from creating content. On the other hand, this domain is a scaleable and brandable name. If you choose a topic related to laptops then the partial domain could be or

These types of domains rank easily because google easily understands your blog niche by your domain. The last type of domain is the exact match domain. in these types, you buy your domain on your keyword. These types of websites are most event bloggers make.

Like these types of websites rank as soon as possible. But google also derank these types of websites easily. So my suggestion is if you have enough time then go for the brandable domain. Otherwise, the second best option is the partial match domain.

I know right now you are trying to make some words in combination with your niche. But if you can’t make any combination then try and Because these websites help you to generate your domain name.

Step 3: Decide your blog CMS or Platform

The next step is to decide on your blog CMS. CMS is online software that you can use to manage your blog. Like WordPress, Drupal. Also, there are a lot of platforms that you can use to make your blogs like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly.

decide your Blog CMS

But my recommendation is WordPress because it’s easy to manage. and the second thing which I like about WordPress is plugins. Like if you need any feature on your website then just install the plugin and boom you get that. WordPress is an open-source platform that you can use free of cost.

Step 4: Buy a domain and hosting

Now it’s time to buy your name which you decide and hosting for you. A domain is the name of your website, and the hosting is the online server where you store your website data online. You find a lot of hosting companies that provide hosting and domain services.

But I use hostinger because with this hosting you get your domain, SSL, and privacy protection free. Just you need to buy hostinger.

Right now I use hostinger for my own websites. This gives me a good experience and better results in speed.  Which is the most important factor in SEO.

Just signup on to this website and select your hosting plan and domain name. The last step is to pay the payment through your debit card and start working on your site.

Step 5: Setup blog and customize

After buying a domain and hosting it’s time to make your setup your blog and customize it. In WordPress you need some themes and plugins to create a blog website. If you have money to spend then go and buy some blog themes that you like.

Setup and customize your blog | How to start a blog in pakistan

There are a lot of paid themes that you can consider buying. But if you can’t know anyone, Then I am adding some paid themes for you which is the best in terms of SEO, customization, and most important speed.

  1. Newspaper
  2. Devi
  3. Genesis Framework
  4. WPAstra
  5. GenratePress

But if you don’t want to spend or you don’t have money. Then don’t worry I am also adding the list of free themes which also you can use. These themes are also easy to customizable and SEO friendly. Most of the themes I use personally at the start of my career.

  1. Astra
  2. Genratepress
  3. Type
  4. fairy
  5. Ocean Wp

These themes are free versions of paid themes. But it’s not a low-quality themes-free version also optimized very well. I use the fairy theme on this site because I like this theme. and soon I buy this theme after a complete trial.

Step 5: Write your first blog post

Now it’s time to publish your first blog post. But for that you need to do some research, The first one is the Topic. Yes, First decide on the topic related to your niche. Like my niche is a digital marketing and today my topic is blog creation.

How to write a blogpost

It’s up to you where you get your topic if you can’t find a topic. So don’t worry I am giving you some ways to get the topic. The first way is quora, Quora is a question-answering site. Where you post questions and answer any question.

Quora helps you to get the topic for your blog. Just on the search bar of quora search your niche. Then you see questions related to your niche. Just see all the questions and if you find any questions which you think need a detailed article. Then make the best article on that topic.

But the topic is just a step the second step is to find some keywords related to your topic. A keyword is everything in SEO. A keyword decides your blog post’s future. If you target keywords after complete research. Then you know how much time need to rank that blog post.

For keyword research, you need keyword research tools. But all tools which provide you detailed keywords are paid. But don’t worry with my research I find some free keyword research tools. Which you can use.

  1. Keyword Surfer
  2. Whatsmyserp
  3. Google keyword research tool
  4. The Hoth keyword planner
  5. Ubersuggust

Ubersuggust is the paid tool. But you can use this tool for free for some research. Which is enough for you to get a Golden keyword for you.

After finding keywords make an outline of your article. The outline is the topics that you cover in your blog post like I make content on how to start a blog in Pakistan. My outline is,

  1. What is blog
  2. Why you need to start your blog
  3. How to start a blog
  4. Find you Niche
  5. Decide your Blog name
  6. Decide you CMS
  7. Buy a domain and hosting
  8. Customize blog
  9. Write Blog post

I think now you understand what is the outline. Make an outline of your blog post and try to cover topics that are related to your Topic. After making an outline start writing your content and if you have an English problem. Then add the Grammarly extension to your browser.

Grammarly helps you to fix your word spelling and sentences. I use Grammarly for the last 3 years. I am satisfied with this extension.

Step 6: How to get Traffic on a blog

This is the next and the most important step. Because making a blog is not an end the real work is to get traffic on site. If you get traffic on site then you make money online.

How to get traffic | how to start a blog in pakistan

Without traffic your site is nothing, For traffic, there are several ways. But here I am only providing you with some best ways.

The first one is from Search Engines, for that you need to learn SEO is the process to optimize your website for Search. I have already published an article about how to learn SEO just check it out. But SEO takes time you need other ways to get some initial traffic to boost your blog post.

For initial traffic, you need to apply other ways the first one is social media. Yes if you work properly on social media then you get a lot of traffic from social media.

There are several social media platforms like youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. But for websites the best social media is youtube.

Just make a youtube channel on the name of your website and make videos related to your niche. Like if you publish an article about the best laptops on your blog.

Just make a video about the same laptops and link your blog in that video description.

The second way is Quora you get a lot of traffic from quora. Just go on quora and answer the questions related to your niche and add your site link on quora. From quora, you also get a lot of traffic.

The last way which also you can use that’s a collaboration with other bloggers. For that just find the list of bloggers related to your niche and find that blogs author social media pages. Contact them and ask for collaboration. In this way, you get backlinks and also support from that blogger.

Step 7: How to earn money from the blog

How to earn money from blogs

Now you know How to start a Blog in Pakistan. After these steps, you are ready to monetize your blog and make money from that blog. There are several ways to make money from blogs. But I am adding some ways which you can easily follow them to start.

1. Ads

The first way to monetize your blog is through Ads. There is a lot of ads network on the market. But the most famous and the best is google adsence. Which you can use to start ads on your website. But for google adsence, you need approval from google adsence.

But for approval, you need some requirements which you need to meet. That’s before you apply to publish 20 to 30 posts on your blog that get some traffic. The second requirement is to apply after 3 months of site.

Google adsence is the first monetization method. You need to use but earning from ads depends on your target country and your keyword CPC. If you target the US, UK, Canada, and Europe then you get a high CPC. That means you earn a good amount of money from low traffic.

But if you have a blog where you target Pakistan or any low CPC country. Then you need a lot of traffic to earn a lot of money from your website.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the second best way to earn money from blogs. In this way, you earn more than adsence because in adsence you need high-quality traffic. But on affiliate marketing, you need targeted traffic.

Affiliate marketing is a way to sell products on a commission base. If you want to start affiliate marketing then you need to join some affiliate marketing networks. There are a lot of affiliate networks like Clickbank, Amazon associates, JVzoo, and Cj.

I have already published an article about the best affiliate marketing programs. also, check this article to get more knowledge.

3. Sell Products and Services

The third way is to make your own services and products and promote them through your blog. For example, you have a blog related to Fitness. and you have a lot of traffic on monthly bases.

Just make a Course about Fitness and list it on your blog.

I am definitely sure you earn a good amount of money from that course. Because you don’t need to spend efforts to promote your course. You have a blog where you get traffic.

These are some best ways to make money from blogs. But these are not the ways you have unlimited ways to make money from a blog. But these are the initial ways which every newbie takes to get some handsome amount of money online.

Final Thoughts

Now its’ time to wrap up the article about how to start a blog in Pakistan. But I want to give you some tips which also help you. The first tip is only to start a blog in that niche that you like or where you have knowledge.

Because this motivates you to work on your website and you can feel bored. The second tip is don’t try black hat SEO techniques. Because this will destroy your website and google penalize your site. When google detect bad technique on your site.

The third tip doesn’t use Al or article rewriter tools. Because if you can use these tools you cannot make a quality article. A quality article is most important that add value to your reader’s life.

The last tip is don’t promote any product which is not beneficial for your audience. Becasue by this way you lose your audience trust. That’s most important for you?

I think you know what steps and work you need to do to make a successful blog. Thanks for reading how to start a blog in Pakistan.

Hamza Asghar AKA Digital Hamza

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