Keywords cloud by Ismail blogger: Review & Guide 2023

I know you are searching for a Keywords cloud by Ismail blogger tool. and you need a detailed guide that helps you to start working on the keywords cloud. don’t worry in this article I will provide you with full details about keywords cloud.

keywords cloud by ismail blogger

The most important part of this article is I compare this tool to others tools. Which give you an idea about how the keywords cloud works. Also, I will give you step by step guide about how to use keywords cloud tool.

But before starting the guides, I will provide you with some information about keyword cloud, Also provide you some details about the founder of keywords cloud.

What is the Keywords Cloud

Keywords cloud is the first tool that builds in Pakistan. Yes, you ask the first Pakistani who build a keyword research tool that helps most bloggers, YouTubers, and content writers to get keywords for their content.

The name of the Pakistani who made the keywords cloud is Ismail blogger. If you are searching for then I know you already know who is Ismail a blogger.

But if you don’t know who is Ismail blogger, don’t worry I will give you a short brief about Ismail blogger.

Ismail blogger is a well-known name in the pakistani blogging industry. Also, Ismail has a youtube channel where he makes videos about SEO, Blogging, Affiliate marketing, and content writing.

If you listen to Amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan. Ismail is the person who introduces amazon affiliate marketing in Pakistan properly.

How to use Keywords Cloud by Ismail Blogger

At this time when you search on google keywords cloud you can’t get the tool site. But follow my link “Keywords Cloud“. When your site opens then you need to get the steps to start Follow my instructions.

Step 1: When a site is open you see A box just click on register here. Because This option helps you to get sign up on this tool to start.

keywords cloud step 1

Step 2: Now you see some options just fill that all options and then click on create an account.

keywords cloud step 2

Step 3: Now you see this type of page.

keywords cloud

In keywords cloud you get some options the first option is to select the search engine. In keywords cloud, you get popular search engines.

The best part that I love about this tool is you can search keywords for youtube and amazon. The limitation you face with this tool is countries.

In this tool, you get just get these countries for finding keywords USA, UK, UAE, Pakistan, India, Canada, and Indonesia. Also, the drawback is you get just 30 searches per day.

That I think is not good in the initial stage. But let’s see it’s up to Ismail bahi. If you read this article try to give more because that helps users understand your tools better.

Now I add some screenshots. Where I compare this tool with multiple tools. In that screenshots i will search the keyword”How to earn money online” and select Pakistan to get data.

Ahref VS Keywords Cloud

ahref vs keywords cloud

RYROB VS Keywords Cloud

Ryrob vs keywords cloud

Keyword surfer vs keywords cloud

keywords surfer vs Keywords cloud

Ubersuggest Vs Keywords Cloud

Ubersuggest Vs Keywords cloud

Now it’s up to you with my experience I tell you this tool is not providing you accurate data. But right now [26-1-23] keywords cloud is in its initial stage. So maybe in the future, it’s an upgrade.

Is Keyword cloud the best tool

Right now keywords cloud is not the best one. But this tool helps you to get keyword ideas. Combine this tool with other tools to get data. Like keywords surfer which is the free and best extension for google chrome.

You can combine keywords cloud with keyword surfer to get your keywords. But now you ask me how, Simple first generates the keywords list from the keywords cloud. Then simply search that keyword on google and then keyword surfer give you the search volume of a keyword.

Here I will provide some tips that help you to understand better keyword research. The first thing is all tools that you use to get your keywords. They all use google keyword planner API to give you data.

The second thing is these tools are not 100 % accurate they all give you just estimates.

Here I will give you an example for better understanding. Right now when you search “10 class result 2023” you get almost 0 search volume for this keyword.

Because right now no one searches this keyword. But when 10 class result come at that time this keyword get maximum traffic and that time this keyword has thousands of traffic.

Same this example all keyword research tools provide you past data. So don’t trust these tools blindly.

How to find the best keywords

The best way that I use to find keywords is “Google scrapping” and  I recommend this method to my students. In this method, you can use google to find your keywords.

Because everybody searches on google to get data, not on keyword research tools. So Google is the best option to get new keywords that have less competition.

Because big websites can’t target new keywords. New keywords help you to get your starting ranking and traffic. Also new keywords help you to get your site out of the sandbox.

Now you have a question “How do I know the keyword is new

Simple the two matrices help you to find the new keywords. The First one is keyword volume if you get a keyword that has 0 search volume. The chances are high that is a new keyword.

But to confirm that the second matrics that you need to apply are “allintitle”. Add allintitle at the start of your keyword. and then check if you get just 1-5 site results.

That means the keyword is new and that keyword easily ranks on google.


After reviews detailed about Keywords cloud by Ismail blogger. Now I am adding some general FAQS about keyword research. That maybe also help you to understand keyword research. 

Free keyword research Tools

There are a lot of tools that you can use free of cost. But i will give you some best high value tools that help you. 

  1. Google keyword planner
  2. The Hoth keyword planner
  3. Ubersugguest 
  4. AnswerthePublic
  5. RYROB keyword research tool 
  6. keyword surfer
  7. Keyword Everywhere
  8. Whatsmyserp 

These are some best keyword research tools. Most of all are completely free but Ubersuggest and Answerthepublic are not completely free. You get some free searches that may be enough for you. 

Which keyword research tool is accurate

All tools that you see in the market. All of that tools use google keyword planner API. So the most accurate tool is Google keyword planner. But the drawback is you can’t get 100% accurate keyword volume. Because google keyword planner provides you with keywords volume in ranges. 

Which tool is better for checking SEO scores?

In paid Ahref and Semrush are the best tools to check your SEO score. But if you don’t have money to spend then SEO Ability is a free tool that also helps you to check your site’s SEO score. 

What are the types of keywords? 

There are two types of keywords

  1. Short tail keywords 
  2. Long tail keywords

Short tail keywords have 1 or 2 words and can’t provide you clear intent. For example “Shoes, best shoes, top shoes”. long tail keywords have 3 to 6 words and provide you clear intent. For example “Best shoes for students, cheap shoes for office” 

Final Thought

Now it’s time to wrap up this article. I hope after this article you can easily understand the keywords cloud. And also understand which is the best way to do keyword research.

if you want to learn Blogging, SEO, and Article writing. I make free-of-cost courses on youtube. Follow my link”Digitalhamza” to get that course list.

Thanks for reading this article,
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