Kwork Review: How to earn money from kwork in 2023

You want to work on KWORK but don’t know how to start and how to earn money from kwork. In this article, I will provide you with a detailed kwork review.

kwork review

kwork is the new freelancing marketplace founded in 2018. The founder of Kwork is Mike Raitsyn.

For the last 1 year, I work on kwork with my agency account. With my experience in this article, I will tell you which type of services you can sell on kwork.

Also the most important how you can earn money from kwork and how kwork is best than fiverr. Now let’s start the kwork review.

How to Setup Kwork Account

Now it’s time to start your account on kwork. So follow my steps that help you to start a kwork account easily.

Step1: After open kwork click on signup

Step2: Select the seller type

Step 3: Enter your email

Step4: Check and next

Step 5: Enter the Password that you want and click on signup

Step6: After Signup, you will redirect to your kwork dashboard

Step 7: The last step is to verify your email.

How to setup Kwork Profile

When you talk about kwork you need to do some optimization to get more clients. For optimization, there are some important tips that you need to focus on.

The first thing is the Logo or image of your account. If you make an account on the company name then add your company logo. But if you make your account in your personal name.

Then you need to add your own pic, But I see most people add some funky and landscape images. That does not look professional, Just snap a close pic and then change it into a sold color like me.

The secound thing is the about us and tagline. Tag lines define your skills, So please add your skills in the tagline that help your clients to understand you.

With the tagline add you’re about us in brief. In about us try to add your previous work and your skills. Because previous work increases the chances to get orders.

How to make KWORK

After completing your profile the next step is to make your kwork. Kwork is a service that you offer to buyers. Before making kwork the first step is to find keywords.

In kwork, you don’t need to do keyword research on debt. Because on kwork the competition is very low your services will rank easily.

But it’s not mean you don’t need to find keywords. Just pick the best keywords from kwork autosuggest and try to pick longtail keywords. – freelance services from $10

After picking keywords It’s time to make kwork. So for that click kwork on the right side. After that what step do you need to follow my instructions?

Step 1: Click on create a kwork

Step2: Add your kwork title”Optimize that title with your keyword and make it simple and clickable’

k work title

Step3: Add your category

kwork category

Step4: Make and upload your kwork image “Kwork image Minimum dimensions: 660 × 440” and click on next

Kwork image cover

Step5: Add your Kwork description Here you need to add 5 things

  1. Hook Line
  2. About your service
  3. Why hire you
  4. Which Services your provide
  5. CTA
  6. Close
How to write kwork discription

Step 6: Write a brief about your requirements click next.

How to write kwork requirements

Step 7: Now add your price and click next

how to set kwork price

Step 8: The last step is FAQ if you want to add then add, but I can’t


Step 9: Click on Confirm

After clicking on confirm your kwork will go for approval. If you create and write everything without copy-paste. Then your kwork will be approved within 3 days. But my kwork was approved within 1 hour. – freelance services from $10

How to get the order on kwork

After making your kwork services the next step is to get the order on kwork. You get an order from kwork when your profile ranks on kwork. But also there are some ways to get orders. 

So I am telling you some ways to get order outside from kwork. There are a lot of ways that you can use but I will provide you with the best way and that’s social media marketing. 

Social media is the best way to get orders on kwork. But for social media first, you need to decide which way you need to choose. 

In social media marketing, there are two ways free and paid. Let’s talk about free first if you want to get orders from social media free of cost. 

Then try to make content related to your services. Like I make content about SEO but I can’t promote my services in my videos. Content marketing is the best way to get clients. 

Make videos and in that videos promote your services. If you want to get clients without content making. Then the second option is to reach out to companies. 

Yes first decide which is your targeted marketing, after that contact that companies and pitch your services. The chances are high that you can easily get a lead. Also try Facebook groups, because in Facebook groups you also get high-paying clients.

Lastly don’t forget to use LinkedIn the best platform to get clients free of cost. The second method is paid just to run your ads. But before running ads just make some video ad copy where you explain your services. 

Because video ads increase the chances to get customers. 

kwork vs fiverr

Most of you compare kwork with fiverr. Every person has their own opinion so I add my opinion that will also help you to understand kwork and fiverr. I work on kwork for the last 2 months and on fiverr for the last 2 years. 

So I know which is the best platform for you. In the short, both platforms are the best. But both platform has pros and cons. First, let’s talk about fiverr, Fiverr is an old platform and has 3.42 million active buyers on fiverr. 

That means fiverr has the potential to get sales. But kwork has fewer buyers because kwork is the new platform. But kwork doing insane growth because of its easy-to-use system. 

Also, Kwork has amazing team support. Also fiverr has high competition in every niche. But kwork has low competition. So in my experience, you need to use both platforms.

But right now fiverr is better than kwork, But in the future, maybe kwork get a lead from fiverr. – freelance services from $10

Final thought

I hope you like the kwork review, Now it’s time to wrap up this article but before I wrap up I will give you some tips that help you to work better on kwork. In the last, you will find an option for a kwork review.

Click on that option then you will get each category’s reviews. That will show you reviews and the specially order rate of services. So before making your services. Must check which category has a high order rate.

I hope you like this article Thanks for reading it.

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