Ryrob keyword research tool review 2023 [ Ultimate Guide ]

Keyword research is the most crucial part of SEO. But for keyword research, you need some tools to start keyword research. If you have money, you can easily buy paid tools, But if you don’t have money to spend.

ryrob keyword research tool

Then you have only one option and that’s free keyword research tools. But rarely do you find any best tool for free. If you don’t have any free tools then don’t worry. In this article, I will provide you Ryrob keyword research tool.

This is the 1005 free tool, That you can use to find high-quality keywords for you. The thing I like about this tool is the accurate results.

I compare this tool with many tools, and I find the ryrob tool has the same stats of keywords that Paid tools to provide you.

Why you need to use the Ryrob keyword tool

There are a lot of advantages that I find after using the ryrob tool. The first one is this is a free-of-cost tool. the second one you can easily use this because the ryrob tool has easily used UI.

The third thing is keyword ideas, With keyword research, you can easily find topics related to your keywords. That will provide you an idea of which type of content you need to write.

The last and best thing is stats, you will get a bunch of keywords with one click. So after this article starts using this tool. You will thank me to give you this tool.

What type of stats you will get

ryrob tool provides you just estimated search volume, competition, content ideas, and Country specific results. But these are enough results that a newbie needs to start his work free of cost.

Now let’s talk about these stats:

Estimated search volume: This metric shows you the estimated searches of keywords. That will provide you  an idea if you work on a keyword and how much traffic you will get on your site.

Competition: Competition is the most important factor In keyword research. Because this will show you how much you need to put effort into keywords to rank that.

Content Ideas: Content ideas are the feature that will help you to easily find the topic related to your main topic. If you want to write an article about digital marketing. But you don’t know what to

Specific Country: The thing I like about this tool is you can do keyword research for almost every country. Like the United States, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, India, Canada, and many more.

How to use the ryrob keyword research tool

Now it’s time to provide you the detail about how you can use the ryrob keyword tool. The UI of this tool is easy to when you can open this tool. You will find a search bar just simply add your topic, select the country, and then start.

Just follow my steps;

Step 1: Open the Ryrob tool by clicking this link or just search in google” Ryrob keyword research tool” and then open the first link.

ryrob keyword tool

Step2: just add your desired topic in the search bar that you will show like I add “Digital marketing”

step 2

Step 3: After entering your topic now select the country where you want to target. I target Pakistan you select the country where you want to rank your website Then click on go

step 3

Step 4: Now you will get your all keywords to pick keywords that you like. I choose the digital marketing course keyword

step 4

Step 5: After picking keywords now you need topic ideas so click the light icon shown in the last keywords. After clicking on it I will find topics.

step 5

Step 6: The last step is to pick the topic that you want and think is suitable for you.

step 6

I hope after this you can easily use the ryrob keyword research tool. Now I will provide a comparison of the ryrob tool with other tools like ahref, ubersuggest, keywords cloud, and keyword surfer.

This comparison shows you the differences in stats between all tools. So after this tool you can easily understand is this tool is reliable or not.

Ahref vs Ryrob

ahref vs ryrob keyword tool

The first comparison between ahref and ryrob. I search the “how to earn money online” keyword in both ahref and ryrob. Ahref provide me  9.3K volume and ryrob 18.1k. So based on stats ahref is the old player in the SEO industry so I rely on ahref data here. 

Ubersuggest vs Ryrob

ubersuggest vs ryrob keyword research tool

The next comparison is ubersuggest and ryrob. Here I also search the same keyword, and Ubersuggest and ryrob provided me same data. I use ubersuggest a lot before ahref so from my experience it’s good. 

Ryrob vs keywords cloud

ryrob vs keywords cloud by ismail blogger

Ryrob and keywords cloud both are new tools. Keywords cloud is a new tool built by a Pakistani youtuber called Ismail blogger. Here there are a lot of differences so I choose ryrob and rely on this tool, not keywords cloud. Because keywords cloud launched 2 months ago. So maybe in the future, it will provide more accurate results. 

Keyword surfer vs Ryrob keyword tool

ryrob keyword research tools vs keyword surfer

Keywords surfer and ryrob are the last comparisons. So in this comparison, I choose ryrob because keyword surfer can’t provide accurate data. 

These are the comparison now I will provide you with some tips to use this tool more effectively. Also after this, you are able to find the best keywords for you.

What type of keywords do you need to choose

Keywords selection depends on your experience and your site authority. If you are a newbie and you don’t have any experience in SEO. Also, you start your first site, then my suggestion is to target long tail keywords.

Because long tail keywords have usually low search volume and low competition, That will give you the benefit to rank your new site on google.

There are two types of keywords, short tail keywords, and long-tail keywords.

Short tail keywords have 1 or 2 words and also these types of keywords can’t provide you clear intent. If you have a new site then you can’t rank short-tail keywords. Because high-authority sites target these keywords.

The second type is long tail keywords, These types of keywords have 3 to 6 words and also provide you clear intent. These types of keywords you can easily rank. Because big fishes can’t put effort into these keywords.

The main reason is long tail keywords have a low search volume and short tail have a high search volume. For that reason, big sites target high-volume keywords to drive a high amount of traffic.


I use ryrob for the last 2 months and from my experience ryrob is enough good for newbies to start their blogging careers. Also, the second thing doesn’t depend on the ryrob competition.

Because can’t provide you accurate competition. I analyze closely competition manually so it’s incorrect, But this is far better than other free tools.

Also, the most important factor is ubersuggest. Ryrob provides me data like ubersuggest, For that reason, I consider this tool for everyone. Because unbersuggest is Neil Patel’s tool, and Neil Patel is a well-reputed name in the seo industry.

So that’s all now it’s up to you but must try this tool. Now it’s time to wrap up the article.

Thanks for reading,
Hamza Asghar AKA Digital hamza

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