Who is Digital Hamza

Who is Digital Hamza

The original name of digital hamza is Hamza Asghar, and he has 6 years of experience in digital marketing. He started his career in 2015 on youtube. With time his passion for marketing increased. So he learned the whole digital marketing industry. 

After learning the whole industry he mastered Seo, Social media marketing, and Personal Branding. Because these skills make him so excited, that’s why most of you guys called him SEO expert.

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After working on many blogging sites as well as on clients’ sites, he started his own brand name Digital Hamza in 2020. He plans to teach you SEO, Blogging, and many more skills. 


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SEO, SMM & Branding Expert

If you want to learn blogging, especially SEO. Then must follow him on youtube and on other social media. Also, He launched SEO courses on his academy site. Enroll now on digital hamza Academy to learn SEO free of cost. 

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